About Cliclean

CliClean Well Screen Manufacturing Co. enjoys over 12 years experience with Mesh Well Screen Filter Products. Major products include Oil Well Screen, Sand Control Screen, Wedge Wire Water Well Screen and Mining Screen, etc. We can help you with solutions for water treatment, water well, oil well operations and other industrial filterations.

A Quick Understanding of Cliclean Well Screens

Profiles of Wire Mesh for Well Screen and Mining Uses:
V Wire Welded, Welded Slot, Wedge Wire, Profile Wire, Crimped Wire, others.

Structure and Composition of Well Screens for Water and Oil Well:
Pipe based screen;
Wire wrapped well screen;
Pre-Packed screen filter;
Straight Wire Screen.

Shapes and Forms:
Sand screen pipes and tubes;
Wedge Wire Filter Baskets, Panels, Candle Filters;
Wire Wrapped Wedge Wire Cylinders

Materials Applied for Manufacture of Water Well Screen and Oil Well Screen:

Stainless steel 316, 304, 65 Mn ( manganese) Steel, Galvanized Steel and etc.

We also supply steel well casings, threads and other fittings for the screen. The well screen casing can be produced in various wall thickness according to Chinese Standard, American Standard and Germany Standard to be used to fit various grades of well screen products. The screen casing can be plain steel or slotted.

Standard We Follow:
Chinese standard, German Standard and American Standard.

Where Cliclean Mesh Screen is Used

Cliclean mesh screen can be used in deep well pump, water diving pump, also in the water-treatment equipment, the environmental protection, the sea water treatment, desalination treatment, running water treatment, coal mining, water softening treatment and the petroleum industry.